JHernando launches an innovative sorter by Mushiny

JHernando launches an innovative sorter by Mushiny

The ecommerce and online fashion and apparel industry has continued to grow in recent years due to multiple factors, such as the increasing consumer confidence when shopping online or the rise of ecommerce of fashion brands, which in turn has led to the market evolving faster and ecommerce and fashion companies must adapt more quickly to changes to remain competitive.

Precisely to help this type of companies, JHernando, with more than 50 years of experience in automation and sorting systems, has just sealed a valuable strategic alliance with the company Mushiny to distribute in Spain and Portugal its innovative 3D Sorter Intelligent Put Order Solution, a pioneering sorting system that can sort up to 14,400 items/hour of up to 5kg, both vertically and horizontally.

This solution has a very flexible and scalable layout, which allows its size to be adapted according to the needs of each company. In ecommerce and in the online fashion and apparel industry, being able to make the most of the space in warehouses is an important advantage, and the 3D Sorter provides many outlets in very small spaces (up to 1000 possible outlets).

3D Sorter de Mushiny

For all these reasons, having this sorting system on the shop floor offers numerous advantages. For starters, a fashion company that handles a large number of SKU codes and integrates the 3D Sorter into its supply chain will improve the efficiency of its picking ratios by 3 to 5 times, doing only one SKU extraction. In addition, its high capacity increases sorting rates by 2 to 3 times, and significantly reduces both errors and time-consuming operator trips through the warehouse.

The 3D Sorter is an ideal solution for both retail (in sectors as diverse as fashion, electronics or stationery) and e-commerce, offering an answer to both order preparation needs and reverse logistics processes. Its efficiency also allows the ROI to be recovered in an optimal way in approximately a year and a half.


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