Implement sorting systems in warehouses and distribution centres.

Implement sorting systems in warehouses and distribution centres.

For companies where the flow of package movement in their warehouses or distribution centres is a constant and regular task, it is always interesting for them to consider the multiple advantages of automating some of their transport and logistics processes. And although it can sometimes be difficult to decide which tasks in the supply chain to start applying industrial automation, if you have specialised engineering companies like ours by your side, who can advise and guide you through the process, it will save you a lot of difficulties and can be a significant improvement when it comes to synthesising and shaping your project.

There are many options that can be automated in a plant and they can be carried out in phases. From order preparation (picking) to loading and unloading, the internal conveying of packages or pallets of various types and sizes, or the integration of sorting systems that optimise operations and speed up processes. It is currently proven that the automation of warehouses and distribution centres leads to significant improvements in productivity, reliability and availability of technology so that shipments reach the end customer on time.

JHernando has extensive experience automating this type of process and its engineers can advise each client specifically and jointly study the best options or modifications to the current system according to specific needs.

In recent months, as part of its growth strategy, Sending, the 100% Spanish urgent transport and logistics company, has relied on JHernando to incorporate an innovative two-level sorting system in its Coslada platform.


Sorter instalado por JHernando para Sending en su plataforma de CosladaTwo-level sorter built by JHernando for Sending's Coslada platform.

Sending has an extensive distribution and transport network from which it delivers within 24 hours throughout Spain and Portugal. The company, which offers coverage in Andorra, Gibraltar, Ceuta and Melilla, and the best island service in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Azores, has more than 75,000 square metres for storage and logistics and has 3,500 delivery points and 132 branches.

"With the sorter installed by JHernando in our Coslada platform", says Jorge Montero, Sending COO, "we have not only increased capacity and speed in the management of shipments, but, due to its modular design and two-level installation, this 60-output sorter also allows us to manage the tracking of the packages more precisely".".

The layout makes use of practically the entire route and, by having these two levels, maximises each of the outlets, thus doubling its capacity. In this way, Sending equips and updates its platform in Coslada with a system that will allow it to continue offering its customers a precise delivery service within the established deadlines.

Sorter a dos niveles hecho para la plataforma en Coslada que tiene Sending por JHernandoPackets are sorted according to their destination through the multiple outlets at both levels

In conclusion, having engineering companies like JHernando by your side can help you automate your processes according to your specific needs, so that you can improve them and increase their efficiency.

Jorge Montero, director de operaciones de Sending

"Working with a trusted supplier like JHernando, with whom we have already carried out other projects and with whom we hope to continue collaborating in the future, allows us to have the peace of mind that they will advise us perfectly at all times, and that they will guide us to develop every automation project we may need."

Jorge Montero, Chief Operating Officer at Sending.



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