At JHernando we help you to adapt your facilities to ecommerce

At JHernando we help you to adapt your facilities to ecommerce

Ecommerce sector, given its link with technology, has always been characterised as a fast-changing market in which a certain flexibility is essential to adapt and evolve. Being a sector in which there are more and more competitors, it is essential to have all logistical processes under control in order to be able to offer precision in delivery times to customers.

This is why it is so important for ecommerce companies of all sizes to check that their operational sorting systems are optimised. If this is not the case, and it is necessary to implement some type of automatic sorters in their companies, either fromthe beggining or in previously configured layouts, the Spanish engineering company JHernando, under its TramoSort brand, helps companies to design this type of systems, which stand out for their modularity.

With more than 50 years of experience, JHernando has extensive experience implementing high-speed sorting systems for the world's leading companies in the e-commerce sector, both in logistics companies and in parcel and courier services, and created TramoSort to specifically promote this service, so that its engineers can advise each client specifically and jointly study the best options or modifications to the current layout according to each specific need.

In order to help them improve the efficiency of their parcel handling, in recent months JHernando has developed a new design in sorting technology through compact pop-ups, which have a more protected design and a verified throughput of up to 6,200 packages/hour. This design makes it possible to process both large and heavy packages as well as small parcels and envelopes more associated with e-commerce. The proprietary software that accompanies this sorting system reduces the gapping of packages and thus increases productivity.

Sistema de clasificacion sorter de alta velocidad

To show you the potential of this technology and coinciding with its Open Day, JHernando would like to invite you to visit its Showroom in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), where you will be able to see, life and operational, a complete TramoSort sorter with different diverting solutions. If you also bring with you or you send them the specific type of packages, flyers, etc. that you need to sort in your company, JHernando can, through this system, make a real test with your own packages so that you can check the operation in situ.

If you wish to visit the Showroom, all you have to do is send an email to with the subject "Open House + Showroom" and specify your availability to come and visit you, and JHernando will contact you.

This is a unique opportunity to see first hand the sorting technologies that will help to grow your business!

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