Safety measures against Covid-19

Safety measures against Covid-19

At JHernando we are aware that the current situation is not being easy for anyone in Spain due to COVID-19. In accordance with the latest indications given by the Government of Spain, we are doing everything in our power to reinforce our commitment to safety with our employees, facilitating teleworking and adopting extra security measures in all our facilities and for those who continue working on-site in our factory.

The safety and health of people are our priority, which is why we are also taking all measures within our reach to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Our clients are our greatest reason for being, which is why at JHernando also care about you, putting at your disposal all our means to continue our work, whenever possible, in the most efficient and safe way. Thus, we call on you to hold those meetings that you deem necessary with us by telematic technology, and that you can send us all your questions and queries about COVID-19 by the email

We want to maintain an open communication channel with you, so do not hesitate to ask for information about what you need.

We will continue working to ensure that we offer you the best service in the coming weeks and we will inform you of any news in this regard. We look forward to helping you make this difficult situation easier for everyone.


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