XYZ Robotics x JHernando: Advance Warehouse Automation

XYZ Robotics x JHernando: Advance Warehouse Automation

XYZ Robotics and JHernando have formed a partnership to advance robotic automation in Spain and Portugal’s warehouses. The collaboration combines XYZ Robotics’ expertise in robotics with JHernando’s extensive experience in logistics management. 

Focusing on computer vision and robotics technologies, XYZ Robotics aims to enhance case handling operations with flexibility and efficiency. The company provides a wide range of solutions such as trailer loading and unloading, depalletizing, and mixed case palletizing. These automation solutions offer their clients a significant boost in productivity, substantial cost savings, and a strategic edge in modern supply chain challenges.

JHernando, known for its tailored logistics solutions, will contribute domain knowledge and industry insights to ensure XYZ Robotics' technologies effectively serve the logistics sector.

At JHernando we are constantly committed to offering the latest innovations in automation that allow companies to focus on what is important to their business. Our partnership with XYZ Robotics is aimed at making it easier for our customers in Spain and Portugal to the mixed case palletizing and depalletizing so that they can stop worrying about that and focus more effectively on other more value-adding activities.

Thanks to our official partnership with XYZ Robotics, JHernando will be able to expand and consolidate its presence in the logistics sector by helping operators and logistics companies to streamline and make their palletization more efficient,” said Juan Francisco Hernando, CEO of JHernando.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, XYZ Robotics and JHernando will deliver significant benefits to businesses seeking streamlined logistics processes. This not only ensures heightened operational performance but also positions their clients ahead in meeting the changing demands of their industry.

About JHernando

With more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing and integration of Material Handling Systems, JHernando manufactures with the highest quality in the market and constantly evolves in the manufacturing of sorting systems, conveyors, conveyor belts, data capture systems (DWS), and loading and unloading systems for cartons, crates, containers, and pallets.

The company has an increasing presence in leading companies in parcel sectors, distribution, e-commerce, and logistics in general, as well as in other key sectors such as pharma, food and beverages, packaging, palletizing systems, automations and end-of-line conveyor systems for the industry.

About XYZ Robotics

XYZ Robotics' mission is to accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation.

The company focuses on developing innovative machine vision and robotic products to enhance productivity in logistics and manufacturing. Leveraging an intelligent software platform, the company offers typical solutions including robotic mixed case palletizing, trailer unloading, piece picking, bin picking, and vision-guided assembly.

XYZ Robotics now serves a global customer industry base from automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics to e-commerce, retail, 3PL, and beyond.


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