Mox doubles their capacity by implementing automated sorting

Mox doubles their capacity by implementing automated sorting

Mox is the fastest-growing last-mile delivery group in Spain. They offer technology and expertise to provide optimal delivery experiences for e-commerce and restaurants. This year, they are expecting a significant peak season in throughput. And they are confidently looking forward to it.

Instalación completa de LR Sorter integrado para Mox

''This sorter is part of a larger goal", says Roi Elizondo, CEO at Grupo Mox. "We are working towards our own ecosystem of warehouses, hubs and lockers. This requires a consistent operation in our warehouse. By embracing automation we are certain to keep up our fast-delivery promise, even during peak season."
This sorter sorts up to 8,000 packages per hour. Roi: ''This sorter has doubled our capacity and increased our accuracy. This provides us with the right tools to accommodate our expected growth. lt was collaboratively installed by JHernando and Equinox in September. This planning gave us enough time to fully utilize the installation for the upcoming peak season."

 LR Sorter específico para ecommerce

View of the Mox installation by JHernando and Equinox: on the right you can see an automatic input that automatically deposits the packets in the sorter on the left.

"lt was very important that this sorter matched our company values and provided a good fit with our existing systems. We have a strong focus on sustainability and technology is part of our competitive advantage".

This sorter uses quality materials and is built for long-term use. lt is also fully electric, which provides a lower footprint when compared to alternatives that use pressurized air.

"We differentiate our business in this sector by providing the best application", says Roi. "Our API allows customers to track order delivery data in real-time. For this project to succeed it was essential this installation was fully integrated with our software. By using the sorters sensors and cameras and seamlessly integrating the software, this instal­lation even improved the traceability of our parcels. This year, our peak season is set out to become a delight instead of a burden!" 

Jaume Boada, Country Manager of Grupo Mox adds: "Our sorter has made us take a giant step forward as a company. Together with the software that we have developed internally, it allows us to be very well positioned for the immediate future of the company, and allows us to be considered a Logitech company, where technology prevails about any other aspect of the company.

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