JHernando distributes the Collo-X MicroSorter in Spain and Portugal.

JHernando distributes the Collo-X MicroSorter in Spain and Portugal.

JHernando has reached an agreement with FarmaSort, a Dutch company to which Collo-X belongs, for the official distribution in Spain and Portugal of its new sorting system: the MicroSorter. This compact system is capable of sorting up to 1,500 products per hour per unit, with a maximum number of outputs in a very small area.

The MicroSorter is versatile and can process a wide range of products including clothing, shoe boxes, accessories, drugstore items, office supplies and packages, and due to its characteristics it is particularly suitable for the ecommerce sector, being a valuable asset for logistics-focused ecommerce centers that aim to improve their operational efficiency.

This sorter is a compact, flexible and scalable sorting system designed to efficiently and organizedly sort orders, optimizing the entire process from reception to customer shipment.

Thanks to its compact dimensions of 4x2m, MicroSorter is easy to install and move. Its compact design makes integrating into existing logistics systems easy, and the scalable nature of the solution means it can grow alongside the business.

The MicroSorter can handle products from 75 x 50 x 5 mm to 575 x 375 x 300 mm, with the maximum weight of the items being sorted at 10 kg. The types of outputs that can be sorted to are diverse, including bags, roll containers, totes, cartons, gravity roller conveyors and chutes. The MicroSorter can be operated as a standalone unit or can be linked with Pusher-, Shoe-, and Crossbelt Sorters for secondary sorting.

MicroSorter de Collo-X

With this new alliance for the distribution of FarmaSort technologies in Spain and Portugal, JHernando adds another cutting-edge sorting technology to help companies in the ecommerce, logistics and distribution sector to gain in efficiency through the automation of their warehouses.


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