JHernando distributes the Mushiny 3D Sorter in Spain and Portugal

JHernando distributes the Mushiny 3D Sorter in Spain and Portugal

JHernando has just sealed a valuable strategic alliance with the company Mushiny to distribute in Spain and Portugal its innovative 3D Sorter Intelligent put order solution, a pioneering sorter that can sort up to 14,400 pieces/hour of up to 5kg.

The 3D Sorter is a flexible and scalable system, whose design allows for easy extensions and which mainly brings three advantages to the market:

  • Elevated sorting efficiency that allows sorting ratios to be increased by 2 or 3, significantly reducing errors and shorten walking distance from the operators in the warehouse.
  • Optimal ROI due to its high efficiency
  • It has a high degree of flexibility.

In addition, the introduction of this sorting system on the market improves the efficiency of picking ratios by 3 to 5 times. By automating the order picking process, the 3D sorter complements both manual operations and automated systems.

Mushiny's 3D Sorter is an ideal solution for both retail (in sectors such as fashion, electronics or books) and ecommerce, offering an answer to both order preparation needs and reverse logistics processes.

Through this valuable agreement with Mushiny, JHernando adds to its portfolio of solutions a new sorter that joins the other sorting systems we already offer, so that we can meet the specific conveying and sorting needs of each customer for any sector.

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